The Tartlet Box


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The Tartlet Box
The Tartlet Box


 All orders will be shipped out around the 31st of July. 
 Each box contains 9 (40g) Jumbo wax pots scented in our Warm "Fruity Bakery" Blends.
 These can be cut in half or quarters depending on the size of your warmer or room.
 Can fit 2 boxes per parcel pack or pick up Available from Parkwood, Gold Coast.


- BLACK RASPBERRY MOUSSE tartlet: tart raspberries + sweet blackberries + vanilla cream + biscotti pie base.
- SALTED CARAMEL BUTTERED PECAN tartlet: creamy salted caramel + buttery crunchy pecans + biscotti pie base.
- KEY LIME & COCONUT CUSTARD tartlet: zesty key limes + vanillary coconut cream + biscotti pie base.
- MANDARIN CREME CURD tartlet: juicy mandarins + hint of mango + creamy vanilla ice cream + biscotti pie base.
- STRAWBERRY & KIWI FRUIT tartlet: sugar glazed strawberries + sweet kiwi fruit + biscotti pie base.
- BLUEBERRY LEMON MERINGUE tartlet: tart blueberries + sweet lemon + hint of lime + vanilla cream + biscotti pie base.
-VANILLA BEAN BERRY MOUSSE tartlet: creamy vanilla bean noel + sweet acai berries + tangy boysenberries + biscotti pie base.
- PEACHES & CREAM tartlet: juicy peaches + smooth french vanilla + thick vanilla essence + biscotti pie base.
- ORANGEY PINEAPPLE PUREE tartlet: citrusy orange peel + sweet pineapple jam + hint of lemon zest + biscotti pie base. 

The Tartlet Box
The Tartlet Box